Blogmas Day 8 | Frightful Surprises!

I can’t believe how fast the first week of December has gone. On a side not I’m really proud that it’s been 8 days of Blogmas and I haven’t missed a day! I’m doing well (touch wood)! Not long left until Christmas and I still have managed to do no Christmas shopping. I am so unprepared this year and it’s only going to get worse the longer I leave it. I did decide to order some presents online last night so I am kind of prepared that way, right? A major Christmas shopping trip is in order one day soon. I have to get myself organised because shopping for last minute presents two days before Christmas is just far too stressful to even think about.

Today has been filled with a lot of mixed feelings. I’ve cried several times due to looming exams and stress and I considered dropping out of university maybe fifteen times today which is a new record. Whoever told me that going to university was fun they were very wrong. Well it is fun just not in the lead up to Christmas when you have three exams in one week and can’t remember a thing. I might be in a little bit of trouble, yikes!

We had the “Can we please please please put the Christmas tree up” conversation with my mum today. Again she said it was too early but I think we might be on our way to cracking her very soon which is great news. I now have my dad on my side who wants the tree up because there is snow on the ground, he’s in a festive mood. It’s great having someone else in the house who isn’t all ba-humbug on me! Either way with my dad’s help the tree might actually go up this weekend, I’m so excited! My brother is being no help what-so-ever. We were listing people who had their trees up in our family and how we were the last ones when Gary so kindly announced that our aunt and uncle didn’t have their’s up, cheers Gary! We almost had her too. Out of curiosity do you all have you Christmas tree’s up?

On another horrible note my brother really scared me today. Not in a way like he had a medical emergency just that he was being a little idiot. Earlier this afternoon I went downstairs to get a drink and my lovely brother decided he’d hide in my room. Obviously I had no idea he was there so I walked back up the stairs none the wiser with a glass of juice. Walked into my room while he shouted a battle cry (his words) and flung a towel at my face. I jumped out my skin, screamed a little and then sent the juice flying across my room. He’s such a lovely person. Of course I’m laughing because if I wasn’t I’d probably be crying. He fell to floor crying and has called this a magnaflorious joke. We’ve also decided that this is going to become a more frequent thing, festive frights we’re calling them and I cannot wait to get him back for this.

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3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8 | Frightful Surprises!

  1. Haha you should definitely get back at him! My brother once did that in a cave and as I was little I didn’t think it was funny AT ALL. Looking back it was pretty funny 🙂 Mom put up the tree last Sunday, but it’s not finished yet. My Christmas stuff is still at the attic. It’s good that you now have someone on your side, haha.

    • I’m planning my revenge carefully because it has to be something good. I’m also thinking video evidence just so I can re-live the scare and laugh again and again. That sounds terrifying although it’s good you can laugh about it now 🙂

      I actually have news about that we’re putting ours up on Thursday once I come home from my last exam which I’m really looking forward to. My dad and I broke her down 🙂 In all honestly I think she’s just fed up with me going on and on since like the 2nd 🙂

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