Blogmas Day 11 | I Can Rock Around The Christmas Tree!

After begging to have the tree put up on the 2nd of December my mum finally caved and said we could put it up today, woo!! Can you tell I got very excited about this?

Normally when we’re putting up the tree we play music and each decorate a side but this year we watched Monuments Men while we decorated. For anyone who hadn’t seen it I highly suggest it, brilliant film!

Today was generally a good day all round. I finished my 3rd exam which means that the days of 3 exams in a row are behind me. You have no idea how good it was to just come home and relax. Not having to worry about the exam the next day was just bliss. I do have one last exam on Monday and then I’m free to enjoy the holiday festivities, yay!

I’m now curled up in bed writing up a list of Christmas things I still need to get for people, sweets are a must. Everyone loves chocolate at Christmas. I’m also planning out my parents joint present which I’m very excited about! Lots still to be done and only 13 days left?!

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