Blogmas Day 13 | I’ve Lost My Voice

It looks like that little cold I thought I got rid of was more than just a little cold. I officially have no voice and it’s pretty horrible. I can speak but it sounds really bad and it kind of hurts. I’m trying not to talk because I’m hoping that this will make it better for work tomorrow. Imaging asking customers what they’d like to eat when I can barley speak, that would be a very interesting day.

On more exciting news our very first presents have appeared underneath the tree which means it’s getting closer to Christmas. My parents went over to visit my Gran yesterday and since I was working I missed on the trip. They came back home with a bag full of treats for my brother and I. It’s gotten me pretty excited for Christmas day and in particular giving everyone there presents (that I still don’t have but that isn’t the point).

I’m almost exam free which is very exciting. Come 3 o’clock on Monday afternoon the December exams will have be finished and I can get back to a normal sleeping pattern and catch up on this months reading list. It also means I’ll be able to go out and celebrate with Cora since we’ll have no exams. 2 days people, 2 days. In the meantime I have a lot of revision to work through so on the note I’m off for some hot chocolate.

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