Blogmas Day 16 – I’ve Changed Things Up

Since today was my first day off in a while I decided to just have a relaxing day. It was really nice sitting doing nothing and I even got a few chapters in my book read – bonus! Although the sitting around didn’t last too long. At 3 today I decided that I was going to completely clean and move my room around.

I’ve been cleaning for the last five hours but I can now happily say that my room is finished – minus a few little things that need put back. It looks really good and I’m very proud of how it turned out. Everything is back to being neat and I love it. It’s shocking how long I lived in a mess. I’ve also decided that I’m going to be changing things up on the blog a little. Not entirely sure how that’s going to go or how things will look but hopefully the end result will be lovely.

Nove us aw that my room is pretty spotless I feel like I’m already for Santa coming next week. My parents used to tell us when we were younger that Santa wouldn’t leave any presents if our rooms weren’t clean. Since then I’ve always made sure my room is spotless although I do rather like a clean room.

Tomorrow is going to be a really good day that I’m looking forward to. I’m going Christmas shopping with my brother to get a few presents for our parents and get into the festive mood. Which might mean that tomorrow’s post will probably be a little late but it will be full of festive cheer! I’m off to re-arrange my bookshelf, until tomorrow…

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