Blogmas Day 17 – Christmas Shopping

Well I’ve only gone and done almost ALL of my Christmas shopping. Who says you can’t get it done the week before Christmas? I’ll never be leaving it this late again though it’s far too stressful.

I just have a few pieces to pick up on Friday and we’re all set for December 25th. How fast has December gone? Feels like only yesterday I was starting Blogmas and procrastinating going Christmas shopping. Now look at me.

I had such a lovely night out with my brother. We managed to agree on the presents for our parents AND we survived 2 hours of shopping without killing each other, success! We also exchanged some early Christmas presents which was nice. He got me one of those lights you attach to a book to read in the dark (he knows me far too well) I also gave him his watch which has made him one very happen person.

Now I have a mug of hot chocolate and I’m settling down to do some reading into the early hours of the morning. All we need now is some snow to make it extra Christmassy!

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