Blogmas Day 21 – I’ve been busy

Four days until Christmas and although there is no snow on the ground I’ve been getting into the Christmas mood. (Which kind of sounds silly since I’ve been telling you all, no shouting at you all, about how excited I am and how that Santa’s coming soon!) I had a late start and early finish at work today which meant my usually busy Sunday were less hectic. Always nice getting surprised with an early finish.

When I got home I decided that it was about time I wrapped all those Christmas presents that were hidden around my room. So I grabbed the Santa tape (I kid you not we have tape with Santa’s on it) and the wrapping paper. I opened up iTunes and decided to blast out some Christmas songs – of course this meant Michael Buble’s album. Everything just felt so festive. I’ve now wrapped all of my presents apart from one which still needs a little extra something added to it before it can be placed underneath the tree.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s faces on Thursday when they open up there presents. I am especially excited to see my brother’s face. He truly got spoiled rotten this year so hopefully he likes everything. Now I’m off to grab a large mug of tea and crack on with some writing. What a perfect way to end an equally perfect week.

Since I’m in the festive mood I thought I’d share one of my favourite Christmas songs. I kind of felt it would be rude to sit and listen to Christmas songs and not include you all. I’ve been obsessed with this from the moment I heard it. The music video is also pretty fantastic.

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