Blogmas Day 22 – Lunch and a Breakfast Date

Today was a pretty full one. I feel like the only time I’ve stopped was to type up this post (sorry it’s late).

This morning I was up at 6 to go into Edinburgh with my mum for a hospital appointment. It’s nothing serious and everything’s perfectly fine. Since we were in Edinburgh we decided to make the most of it and do a little extra Christmas shopping for my dad. We picked him up some extra little things for Thursday.

We then decided we’d grab a bit of lunch before heading home. So with a cup of tea (she had a latte) and a toastie we had a good little catch up. We walked past Winter Wonderland which got me excited for my trip next week. Edinburgh at winter time is magical!

I got back home this afternoon and popped down to my best friends house where we exchange Christmas presents and ate Olaf cookies. She knows how to make a good impression. I then joked about joining them for breakfast where they said I should. So tomorrow’s another early rise as I go down for a breakfast date before we hit the shops for last minute Christmas shopping.

Today was also a sad day as several people lost their lives and others were injured after an incident at George Square in Glasgow. My thoughts go out to all those family and friends who were affected by today’s tragedy. It will not be a day that’s forgotten.

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