Blogmas Day 23 – Last Minute Shopping!

Happy Christmas Eve’s Eve people. I haven’t stopped all day so it finally feels good to put my feet up.

I ended up out picking up some last minute things for my mum and dad. My dad also gave me money to go and pick something nice for my mum which I did. Hoping she’s happy with everything we’ve gotten her.

I also got to go shopping with 2 of my best friends which was great. Lovely chatter about Christmas and our plans as we walked around and we stopped for something to eat. Lovely fun filled day with friends just before Christmas.

My mum went out a got in all the food for Christmas. Although I’ve spent the last half hour opening the fridge looking at all the food I’m not yet allowed to eat or all the alcohol I’m not allowed to drink. We have so much wine and it’s not allowed touched, nooo! There is also this massive chocolate cake in the fridge and all I want to do is eat it!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas Eve’s Eve and are all ready for Christmas!

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