Let’s Talk About… New Years Resolutions

We’re officially one week into January and this is where new years resolutions tend to start going downhill and people forget about them. Not me. I am determined to stay focused this year. I made a few resolutions this year that I’m hoping to stick to but we’ll see how they go. I thought I’d share a few with you:

1) Read more books

I love reading but I always get distracted by TV shows or movies or basically anything. I have the attention span of a goldfish so sometimes I get through one chapter of a book before I think of something else to be doing and then I go and do it. It’s a bad habit. This year I’ve vowed to read more books because there is no better feeling the curling up with a book and tea after a long day.

2) Write for at least 15 minutes every day.

I am so bad at writing goals it’s horrible. I’ll either right 10 chapters in 2 days or nothing for 6 months – the in-between doesn’t exists. I want to change this so I figured a small goal of writing anything for 15 minutes every day will help me get on track. It’s also a good way to just relax and 15 minutes out of a day isn’t that long.

3) Finish Darkness

You might know that I’ve written something called Darkness and at the end of last year I told you all that I was going to finish it and see where it took me in the publishing world. That’s still a goal I want to stick too and something that’s taken me a long time to get to so it’s not something I want to throw away so easily. My 15 minute daily writing goal should hopefully help this process.

4) Stop comparing myself to others.

This is a big one for me that I really want to get rid of this year. It’s not good for anyone to compare yourself to someone else because there are no two people the same (unless you count twins and even then they only look-a-like). I just really need to stop comparing how I look, or my work to anyone else. It’s mine and it’s me and it makes me who I am – I should feel good about that and believe me I’m working on it.

5) Keep active

Finally my last goal was to get more active by going out running and keeping healthy by eating better. I used to go out running a lot last year and I just suddenly stopped and I kind of miss it. I think with the stress I’ll be under this year a run could be exactly what I need to get some space and figure things out. That and it’s a great way to clear your head and keep active at the same time.

I really want to stick to these resolutions this year. I didn’t make a lot because I figured you tackle small goals and then work your way up. I think these are easily achievable, at least I hope so. I’m hoping I can I complete most, if not all, come December. What new years resolutions did you make this year?

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