Book Review | Pivot Point by Kasie West

“One person can’t change the future. Do you know how many people and things are involved in every major event that happens? Sure, you might be able to change some of the minor aspects of day, but ultimately things that are going to happen, if you go along a certain path, do happen.”


I read this book a while back and decided I’d give it a review. I read this book for free early last year but I can’t remember how I got it. I know it was something to do with EpicReads and a website possible Harper Collins. I haven’t yet got the book in my collection but because I love this book it’s something I’m looking to add to my personal library very soon.

The book follows Addie Coleman who has the ability to see into the future when she has the choice between two scenarios. This allows her to pick which outcome is better between what she decides on. This ability becomes very useful when she finds out her parents are getting a divorce and that he dad will be leaving the compound where she’s lived her whole life with people who have special mind abilities. She’s soon told that her dad will be moving to the Norm world, specifically Dallas, Texas. Faced with a important decision to make on whether she should stay with her mum or move away with her dad she searches into her future in order to make her decision. She soon finds out that making the right decision will be harder than she had originally thought.

I loved the characters in this book and I think each of them were well developed. I thought Addie was a really likable character. I loved reading the book in her perspective and the little comments she’d come out with were hilarious. One of the male characters in the novel was Trevor and he was easily one of the most likable character after Addie. He was such a lovely character I loved when he was in chapters and found myself wanting to quickly read on so I could get more scenes with him.

I think why I love the whole aspect of this book is because the whole plot is original. The supernatural beings in the book aren’t vampire’s or werewolves or witches which are used very often. Instead in Pivot Point they’re original and have mind powers such a having the ability to persuade people to do things, erase certain parts of your memory and those who can tell if people are lying. I mean how awesome are these mind powers? I just think that each of these powers is something new which I love.

I fell quickly in love with this book. In fact I was pretty sure this was my favourite book once I reached chapter 10. I was texting Cora telling her that if she read anything in the next year it had to be this book. I quickly added Kasie West to my favourite shelf and quickly read through some of her other work. If you’re looking for a book to read that you can read in one sitting I would highly suggest this one. I kind of wish I could, or get someone else to, erase my memory so I could read this book again for the first time.

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