Let’s Talk About… Winter Weather & Missing Summer

Weather update it’s cold here in Scotland but then again that’s not really anything new. The wintry weather just keeps on coming although there aren’t any gale force winds now so I guess that’s a great bonus. Although I must admit I’m not a huge fan of the cold. It’s so cold that I’ve been thinking maybe if I stand in the same place for a long time my feet will eventually stick to the ground. Imagine how awkward that would be having to go home in my thermal socks, yikes!

Before anyone from anywhere else in the world chimes in and says it can’t be that cold it’s -20 where I stay, it’s cold for Scotland. Especially for someone who hates being freezing all the time. If it is -20 where you live I’m applauding you as you read this because there is no way I could handle living in weather like that. Hopefully you get good summers with lots of warm weather to compensate if not I hope you go somewhere warm.

We still have some snow on the ground from last week but I don’t think you can count it as snow anymore it’s more like ice. I like the snow but I kind of think it missed it’s chance and now I just want it to pack up and leave so we can enjoy some sunshine. I wanted it to snow for Christmas so bad and it didn’t and we never got any snow at New Year. Although I didn’t like this I accepted that we weren’t getting any winter weather lastย year and moved on. Now all I want is warm sunshine and instead I’m wearing so many layers when I go outside and it’s not fair. You missed your chance snow at least just wait until Christmas before you snow again. I mean everyone loves a white Christmas no on likes a White January!

I miss summer and I wish it was just around the corner but I just feel like we have a long way to go before our summer weather rolls back around. I miss taking long walks a 10 at night when it’s still light outside, I miss trips to the beach and running in the sea. I miss eating ice-cream, summer BBQ’s and everyone getting together for a drink just because the weather’s nice. I miss lying out the front reading, having water fights and covering myself in sun-cream so I don’t burn! I miss summer and I want to welcome it back with open arms and a huge “we missed you” banner!

Until that day comes I’ll still be wearing my hat and wrapped up in a ridiculous amount of layers before stepping out the house. I mean the cold weather has it perks too and I’m sure come August I’ll be begging for snow and weather that makes me look like a dragon when I breathe. I guess that saying is pretty true – you never know what you miss until it’s gone. Hoping summer 2015 shapes up to be as good as last year because I have a lot to squeeze into those months.

Now, an important question for you all, I can’t be the only one missing summer so how do you survive the cold weather while you wait for the warmer months to return? Leave me an answer in the comments below and as always have a lovely day!

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One thought on “Let’s Talk About… Winter Weather & Missing Summer

  1. Ahhhh… Lately I’ve been craving summer weather, and fun time as well! I love boots and jackets, but lately I’ve been wanting to wear flats and shorts, and skirts. ‘TIS JANUARY! I survive by thinking of how my friend is moving in August, to the other side of the country! So, yeah, I need the months.
    I tagged you for the Candy Book Tag! See Books and Stuff for info!

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