I Passed My Exams!!!

Panic began setting in this week as I new exam results were just around the corner. The fear of wondering if I’d have to resit them hit and I spent most of the week terrified of having to open up those all to important results. I cried a little because that’s what I do when I’m stressed – if I’m honest I cry a lot when I’m stressed.

It was announced on Friday night that the results had been posted and I stared at the sign in button worried about what would lay behind the click of a button. After about five minutes of staring I clicked on the button to find out I had spent the past two months worrying for nothing. I passed every exam with no resits needed – HURRAH!!

I then spent the next hour dancing around my room in celebration because that’s what you do when you find out you passed. Last night I celebrated with my brother and B with lots of pizza, sweets and a ton of good movies. Extremely happy that I now have one less thing to worry about and can now focus on the next few months of coursework before exams starts all over again.

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