Let’s Talk About… Exploring The Book Side of Edinburgh

Last week I kind of got distracted and lacked a little on the blog posts. Sometimes when you’re nose is stuck in a good book you forget about the other things you’re supposed to be doing and last week this was the case.

Last Monday inbetween lectures Cora (smalltownbookworm) and I decided to head into Edinburgh and go explore some of the old streets and bookstores. I mean that’s a pretty good way to spend a rare sunny Monday afternoon in Scotland.

Cora had spent the night before looking up some bookstores in Edinburgh and came up with a plan. So with an idea of where we were going and the thought of books on our mind we headed into Edinburgh in search of these bookstores. After a quick walk and almost heading down the wrong street – Always remember left at Wagamama – we found our first bookstore which happens to be our new favourite.

Armchair Books was certainly a special treat for book lovers like myself and Cora. I’ve always loved the idea of having shelves the height of the ceiling and this bookstore was exactly like I imagined old bookstores. With old carpets scattered across the floor and ladders to reach those books on the higher shelves it was a treat for the eyes.

They have a range of books from old classic’s and first additions to newer books such as The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. They also have a collection of Harry Potter books, Harry Potter!! I didn’t want to leave the shop I think I could have honestly stayed there forever. I’m already planning my next trip to take Bethany so she can see this wonderful place.

We then walked further down the street and found another great bookstore – Transreal Fiction. It’s another bookstore I’ll be heading back too the shop was small and so beautiful. I love little finds like this. They sell a lot of Science Fiction books and Fantasy and it’s one I plan on going to and buying a few books. They have such a good selection of books that would be perfect for anyone to add to their collection of books.

After all that excitement the only way to end a perfect day would be to find some place to eat. This proved more difficult that expected and we ended up walking the length of Princess Street before agreeing on a TGIF’s. We both had a cheeseburger and chips and it’s so was so unbelievably good. It was my first EVER TGIF’s and I’ll certainly be back to try some more of their yummy food.

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