Let’s Talk About… Travelling The World

I want to go out and explore the world but to do that you need money and that’s not something I have to spare at the moment. Which kind of sucks because being able to go and travel in-between semesters at uni would be pretty great, especially during the summer.

However, I’m a firm believer in what’s meant to happen will happen and I know that at some point in my life I will go travelling around the world even if that isn’t likely to happen right now. I can start planning these things early and these past few weeks that is exactly what I’ve been doing along with a little help (okay a lot of help) from Cora!

To celebrate us passing university in 2 years time (I told you we were prepared) we’ve decided to go traveling across Europe. There are so many cities we both want to explore and getting to America or New Zealand is a little hard for us at the moment. Β We’d start in London get the train over to France and then take it from them. It’s something we plan on doing in about a month and I think it’ll be a really fun experience.

The only probelm with this whole idea? I kind of want to fast forward through the next few years so I can start my adventure. I’m sure these next 2 years will fly by, at least I hope so. Until then you might have to settle for me posting losts of pictures about where I plan on heading and as I keep my feet firmly in Scotland.

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