Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

Happy St Patrick’s day to any of you who are Irish and happen to be reading this. I’ve had a long day made even longer by the thought that I should be over in Ireland celebrating!

So basically at the end of last year start of this year Cora and I had this idea that we should go over to Ireland for St Paddy’s day. It sounded like the best idea ever and nothing was stopping us. We looked at flights and hotels and we thought it was going to happen. Then we got our university timetable and found out the deadline week happened to fall on the same week – how sucky is that?

So instead of sitting in a pub in Ireland surrounded by loads of Irish people getting drunk I’m sitting on my couch eating chips and watching friends. It’s still a good way to end a Tuesday but it would have been a better day if it was in Ireland.

Spreading this Irish cheer today so here’s a little song that seems appropriate for today! It’s also a plus that it happens to be by one of my favourite bands!

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