Getting Back On Track! 

Question time – do you ever have a cheat week where you do nothing productive, put off everything you’re supposed to be doing, eat and drink loads of unhealthy things and laze around all day? If you change week to month my picture can be found there.

I have been lacking in a lot of things – blogging, running and writing are just a few of the things I’ve been “avoiding.” You’ll probably have noticed that the blog posts over the last couple of weeks have been lacking in creativity and depth! First of all I’m going to apologise for that.

This week (starting tomorrow) I’m getting back on track with things. I’m going to go back out running again, I’m going to get back to eating healthy and blogging will be regular again. Sitting doing nothing for a few weeks is fun but it’s now driving me insane! It’s time things got back to normal and tomorrow is where I’ll start.

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