Blogiversary | Happy Blog Birthday To Me!


Blow up those balloons, hang up those banners, collect as many party poppers you can and grab some cake because today Miserable & Magical turns 1!

I didn’t think this would last more than 6 months so you can probably already tell how thankful and happy I am to reach this milestone. The fact that I rant and talk about a lot of different things and that you come back and read what I write is pretty surreal and crazy – all in the best possible way. I don’t quite understand how a year has passed already but here we are and it’s all very exciting.

Without getting all cheesy and soppy I just want to say thank you to all of you who are currently reading this post. Whether you’ve been following my nonsense from the start or a few days ago it’s very much appreciated and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I’ve met some very lovely people in the blogging world over the last year and because of that they’ve made this whole experience better.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead and everything that I have planned. I hope you’ll all continue to check back and find out what’s been going on. For today I have some exciting things planned including a giveaway and some extra little posts. Make sure you come back and check those out to help celebrate.

Thanks for such a good year and here’s to the next one – Kayleigh!

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