Blogiversary | The Reason it All Started

It’s been a year since I created my very first post with a lame joke and a warm welcome. A lot has happened in that year and it’s certainly been one to remember. Not only did I start a blog but I started my second year of university, gained a new arrival in the family and added countless other memories to a long list of existing ones. To end a day of celebration posts I thought I’d share the reasons why I created Miserable & Magical and the reason behind a blog name that I adore.

I love reading and writing so this is probably why I think of this a lot. I love the idea of everyone having their own individual story about themselves. Someone being their own main character with their own supporting characters and complicated plot lines that have yet to be untangled. I love the idea of being in someone’s story for a second, if your lucky a few chapters but if you’re really important you get to be a character in their book for a lifetime. There’s something about that whole idea that I find beautiful.

With the subject of stories in mind I love hearing about what everyone else is getting up to and sharing mine with everyone. I guess that’s why I kind of fell in love with the idea of blogging. Getting to sit down and read what people have been getting up to and share about my day. It’s partly the reason my blog consists of many different things too. I like being able to share part of my story and my chapters, my real ones, on this small corner on the internet.

I’ve always been pretty much scattered across social media and I’ve never really had a place where I could put everything together in one place. Instagram is good for pictures and Goodreads is good for books. Twitter is good for short insights and Tumblr is good for GIF’s of my favourite TV Shows and Films but I wanted a place where I could combine everything into one instead of always being so scattered. There were also things, like writing, that I wanted to share but they never seemed to fit within the types of social media that I already had. The more I looked into it a blog sounded like something I needed.

So I created this little place where I could share everything I wanted to in the way that I wanted to.Β It took me a little while but I found my feet and I’m glad I did. With a blog I needed a name that I loved and that fitted with what I blogged about. I thought about this for a long time before I typed up that very first post. If you’ve been over to my Tumblr site then you’ll know that my name on there is the same – Miserable and Magical. If you’re a Taylor Swift fan then you’ll also know that it’s a lyric from her song 22.

The name seemed very fitting for what I was blogging about – it’s how I think in general. I look at life as being both miserable and magical – it’s hard not to look at life that way. I turn on the news and I see all this tragedy happening around the world but I also see these beautiful moments that put everything into perspective. Life is very miserable and magical. There are things that happen out with our control that we’d much rather forget but there are also things that happen that we want to shout from a rooftop so everyone can know. Life is miserable and magical – my life is very miserable and magical although lately it has been more magical than miserable.

With a name and an idea of what I wanted this blog to be I started typing. I posted about books, life and pretty much anything that fell in-between. I’m very excited to share things in the future especially those things that are book related, life related and anything in-between. Thanks for all the love this past year and here’s to another year of blogging!

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