Let’s Talk About… The Olly Murs & Ella Eyre Concert

Sorry this is so late. I’m a little annoyed because I had some videos I had wanted to attach along with this post but for some reason I can’t get them to go into the post. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s something with the blog. I’m probably the one doing something wrong and I don’t have the time to sit and fuss over it anymore so here’s the post – minus those videos. I do have some videos over on my Instagram if you want to check those out though – links at the bottom of this post.

We booked tickets to go and see Olly Murs way back at the end of January. I’ve loved Olly from when I first saw him on the UK verision of the X Factor. He has always been someone I’d want to go see in concert but I never had anyone to go with. Luckily this year my cousin suggested the idea so we went along and had a brilliant night. So with my mum, my aunt and my cousin by my side we all danced, sang and laughed – the sign of a good night and a lot of sore feet.

IMG_0608 IMG_0616

After a lovely early dinner out with them we got in the car and headed off to Glasgow only there was one thing missing in the car ride – an Olly Murs CD to get us more excited. You would have thought between the 4 of us someone would have remembered to lift the CD so we could have a sing-a-long in the car but we didn’t – that didn’t stop us from having a good chat in the car though.

We arrived at the Hydro in Glasgow in plenty of time for the doors opening. We had standing tickets and had all agreed that we wanted to get as close to the stage as we could. The plann seemed like a good one so we arrived for the doors opening at 6 knowing we’d be in with a chance of a good place to stand. While in the queue my aunt said she needed the toilet so her and my mum went off leaving me and my cousin by the doors. We thought we had plenty of time before the doors opened but as soon as they disappeared guess what happened – the doors opened! Now this would have been fine only they had walked away with the tickets. Dispite this we still made it pretty close to the front which was brilliant!


Arriving early to a concert always has it’s perks – you get to the toilet before anything starts and if you’re lucky you get a good standing position. It also has it’s downside and that is having to wait a good while on the acts coming on. Thankfully this has never bothered me and I was (for the first time in a long time) looking forward to the supporting act – Ella Eyre! She’s been played on the radio and I had heard a few of her songs before going to the concert but I had never been a huge fan of hers – until after the concert. She is incredible live and has such a powerful voice. She interacted with the audience, had us all singing one of her songs and admitted that it was okay we didn’t know the words to her music but we could make them up. All she wanted was us to have fun and dance. I left a fan of her music and even featured her on this weeks Monday Music!


Olly came on and I sang until I had no voice, I laughed until my stomach hurt and I danced until my feet were sore. It was such a fantastic night and Olly is a true entertainer. I’m not one for bragging but Olly did perform a cermony which kind of means he’s my second husband – I mean he told us to put our hands on our hearts so that makes it official, right? Since he was in Scotland for the concert it’s only fair to adapt to some of our traditions right? For the last couple of songs he disappeared for a quick costume change and reappeared wearing a kilt – what a treat! Now the question you’re all wondering did he do it the Scottish way? Sadly he didn’t but he was wearing Scottish underwear so we’ll let him away with it.

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