Let’s Talk About… Crazy Weather

If you followed me way back in December when I done blogmas for the whole month you’ll know exactly how much I was wishing for snow on Christmas Day. Well I think my wish has been running just a few months late because on Monday and again yesterday we had snow showers – how crazy is that?!?!

The weather was very insane on Monday actually. I woke up knowing I had a lot of revision that needed done. I looked out of the window and it was such a nice day – the sun was out and it was kind of warm which is brilliant for this time of year in Scotland. I even joked with my mum because for once she was off work and it was sunny (that never happens). I even thought that it would get warmer throughout the day which would mean I’d get to sit outside and enjoy some of the sun and get some revision done. It seemed like a win win situation.

That was until it hit around 3 o’clock. The sky went so dark and then out of nowhere all this hail fell and then that turned to really heavy snow – it was crazy. I just thought it was going to rain but I was so wrong. Honestly, and I am not exaggerating anything, we went from sun and warm weather to  hail and snow in the space of 40 minutes. Welcome to Scotland where you get 4 seasons in one day.

Although it’s a lot easier to stay inside and revise when the weather’s crappy I’m hoping that the warm sunshine will come back soon. We had such good weather 2 weeks ago that I actually got burnt and now it’s like winter has come back again. Jon Snow was right winter is coming! Although I hope it leaves just as quickly as it returned.

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