Let’s Talk About… Warm Summer Days

Today was a very rare day for Scotland – we had sunny weather. Summer has hopefully finally arrived and I’m excited about everyting that could be happening this summer. It’s certainly shaping up to be a good one. Summer in Scotland usually means a cloudy day with a slight breeze or simply 12 degree weather but not today. I’m actually not sure how warm it was today but it was bliss.

This afternoon after I got some of the kitchen cleaned I decided to grab a book and head outside to enjoy a few hours of the sun. I actually didn’t realise how warm it was because there was a nice breeze and I got burnt. Normally I wear tons of suncream because I have such fair skin but today I took a risk that I really shouldn’t have. I’m lucky it’s not too bad so hopefully tomorrow it’ll fade and I’ll no longer look like I belong in the vegtable section at the shops.

I grabbed my brother and best friend and decided that it was too nice a night to just sit in the garden. We went out a little walk and had a lovely catch up which was nice. I posted some pictures on my Instagram account you can find the link below if you want to check some of those out. I love going out at night when it’s been sunny and clear all day to watch the sunset but it didn’t happen today. Hopefully it’s nice on Friday and I can venture off to see if I can catch any of those late night sunset pictures.

Also, while I remember, The Mockingjay Part 2 trailer dropped yesterday have you seen it? I am crazy amounts excited to watch the final battle come to life on the screen and of course see all those cute little Everlark scenes that I adore from the books. There are obviously a few scenes I am not looking forward to but I think I am in denial about the whole thing. Thankfully I still have a good couple of months to prepare myself for this heartache. If you’ve watched the trailer let me know what you thought below and if you haven’t go watch it then come back so we can talk about it. I have so many feelings!!!

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