Let’s Talk About… The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Thank you to the lovely Analee over at Book Snacks Blog for tagging me in this. Make sure you head over and check out her blog she’s high up on my list of favourites. (Ps, this was scheduled to go out on Wednesday but I got the dates mixed up – oops!) Here are the rules:

1) Pick any five books randomly (or not randomly, your choice)
2) The first name you see when you flip open the book on a random page, will be the person who is the answer to the question.
3) Each of the books must answer two questions.

The books that I randomly selected are:
1) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
2) The Maze Runner by James Dashner
3) Divergent by Veronica Roth
4) Paper Towns by John Green
5) Outlander #1 by Diana Gabaldon

The Questions:

1) The first person to die? (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)


I’m not okay with any of this I would protect Prim with my life she’s just so innocent. Plus with all that medical training she has she’d be a really good person to have around in times of trouble. Maybe she could use her medical expertise and somehow save herself from dying… wishful thinking

2) The person you trip to get away from the zombies? (The Maze Runner)


Now this I am disappointed in because I really like Newt. He’d be a good person to have around in a situation like this. I would find it very hard to send him to meet the zombies this way actually. Sorry Newt!

3) The first person to turn into a zombie? (Divergent)


I think I am very okay with this one. Although now I’m remembering everything that happened in Allegiant and I’m second guessing myself. Okay if we’re going by Divergent alone then I am certainly okay with Peter turning into a zombie first.

4) The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies? (Paper Towns)


I can’t say I’m surprised she’s always been a free spirit. I am a little upset that she’s been the one to toss me to the zombie’s though.

The idiot of the team? (Outlander)


Well if he’s the idiot of the team I’m confident in saying that we may be in a lot of trouble. How can he be the idiot?

6) The “brains” of the team? (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)


I am very happy with this as he is super smart. Imagine how long our team would survive with someone like Beetee behind all of our plans. My survival rate in this zombie apocalypse has risen dramatically now.

7) The team’s medic? (The Maze Runner)


I think this could maybe work out okay. Thomas is very smart and he does think fast on his feet which you totally need to be able to do when you’re in charge of saving someones life. I think I could happily put my life in the hands of Thomas. I think he’d do an excellent job as a medic.

8) The weapons expert? (Divergent)


She is very smart since she’s an Erudite. Her knowledge could be useful in this situation. Although I can’t say I’m crazy about giving her full control over the weapons.

9) The brawler? (Paper Towns)


I’m having trouble imagining Lacey as a brawler…

10) The team captain? (Outlander)


I am very okay with this. She’s strong and knows how to stand her ground. I am confident that she’d be able to hold everyone in their place and make sure that we survived as long as possible during the Apocalypse.

Now it’s your turn – Tag you’re it: Cora – Small Town Bookworm | Michelle – The Writing Hufflepuff | Beatrice – Beatrice Learns To Read | Janet – The Storyteller |

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

  1. It seems like you have a pretty good crew! Having Beetee as the brains of the team will definitely help your chances of survival. 🙂 But Lacey, on the other hand…and Prim! You can’t let her die, how could you?! 😛

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