I’m Heading to the Edinburgh Book Festival in August

For a book lover today was a very exciting day. At 8:30 this morning tickets for The Edinburgh Book Festival went on sale and Smalltown Bookworm and I only went and got tickets for some very exciting and interesting events. Well I say we I really mean Cora. She clicked the queue button very fast this morning which meant she was about 175th in line. I wasn’t as fast and ended up around 1750-ish.

For those of you who aren’t aware The Edinburgh Book Festival happens between 15th-31st of August. It’s one of the largest book festivals in the world so you can probably imagine how excited I am to be going. Lots of writers and speakers from all over the world come together to hold a range of events and workshops.

The festival is aimed at for all ages and there is always something fun to do. Lots of events are set up at Charlotte Square in Edinburgh and what’s even better is that entry here is completely free. It’s such a lovely atmosphere to come along and see and there are always lots of fun things happening every day.

Cora and I are going to go see a few events that are on throughout the festival. One that I am really excited to be going to is Sally Gardner and David Levithan. I’m still in shock that we even managed to get tickets to the event. David Levithan is one of my favourite authors so it’ll be really great to hear him talk about his new book. We’re also going to be checking out a few others, two of which are psychology related and the other is writing related. August is really going to be a fantastic month and I cannot wait for it to come around.

If you interesting in seeing what events are on throughout the festival or just want to have a browse at what the festival offers you can check it out at the edbookfests website. Tickets for the big events have been selling fast all day.

If you’re attending the festival let me know below and tell me which events you’re going to. Or if you aren’t able to go which authors would you love to attend next year? I said that if John Green and Giovanna Fletcher attended next year I’d think I’d be dreaming!

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