Let’s Talk About… My Summer Goals

This was something I saw Holly do over at Nut Free Nerd (you can see Holly’s Summer Goal post here). I really loved the post so I decided I’d go ahead and do one myself. If you haven’t already make sure you head over and have a nosey around Holly’s blog. While you’re there make sure you send her some blog love because I love hers!

Summer means lots of free time and I’ve decided I want to do quite a lot in that free amount of time that I have. I don’t just want to sit around and binge watch TV Shows – although I will be doing that. I want to do fun things and make sure I’m making the most of my summer before I start back university. Here are my 2015 Summer Goals:

1) Start running properly again

Apart from a few runs here and there I haven’t really been doing much. I had made going back out running again one of my new years resolutions and it hasn’t really happened. This summer I’m determined to build up how far I can run and properly get back into some kind of routine.

2) Read at least 15 books

I’ve kind of slumped when it comes to reading these last few months and I want to fix it. I have collected a lot of books these past few months and I want to read at least a good chunk of them before I buy anymore. Otherwise things are going to get really difficult when it comes to picking a book to read.

3) Start eating healthy and drinking lots of water

Recently I’ve noticed just how much junk food I eat on a weekly basis and I really want to cut a huge chunk of this down. That’s why this week I have sworn off fizzy juice and started snacking with fruits between meals instead of reaching for the packet of crisps.

4) Start and finish Scandal

I’ve thrown this in there so that Cora knows that this summer I am actually going to watch the show. She has been on at me since Christmas to watch this and I’ve been putting it off for far to long. Sometime this summer I’ll start and finish Scandal I promise Cora!

5) Stop stressing and just enjoy what happens

Since the middle of May I’ve been stressed and had a lot of anxiety over my exam results for this semester. It’s been getting worse as the days go by and I know it’s not a good thing to carry around. So when I finally get these results I’m going to drop all this stress and anxiety no matter what the results are. Instead I’m just going to start enjoying things a little bit more and keep the stress away at least until September.

If you have any summer goals you’re aiming to keep up for the summer let me know below. We can motivate each other and make sure it happens!

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… My Summer Goals

  1. I’m so glad you liked my post, and thanks for mentioning me! 🙂 These goals are great, especially the last one. It’s always strange adjusting to the carefree life of the summer after a stressful end to the school year. Let’s all try to be more stress-free together, haha!

    • You’re welcome I loved your post so much I just had to do one. It is strange going from a work overload to nothing. Now that is an aim everyone should go for! 🙂

  2. I’m trying to use my Nalgene bottle more frequently and actually try to intake the “ideal” amount per day (which is like 3L for men; 2L for women). It’s always hovered around 1~1.5ish. I don’t know–I just can’t seem to drink it unless I need hydration haha.

    • 1-1.5 ish is still good going though. I am not anywhere near the 2L target yet (I’m not ever near your 1-1.5 yet) but hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll either be there or closer. My biggest problem is craving fizzy juice. Good luck in reaching your goal I hope it works out 🙂

  3. Yes! I love these. Especially that last one – you have to remember to not stress about reaching these goals, too, though. 🙂
    And good luck with your results (you’ll be fine!). 😀
    I should make some Summer goals… Or something… Yeah…

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