Weekly Wrap Up | Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th of June

This week has been a mixture of both happiness and sadness. I think everyone feels the say way after hearing what happened in Tunisia, France and America. From the horrible news in France and Tunisia it was so wonderful to hear that America now allow marriage equality for all. It’s fantastic news and I am so happy that it has finally happened. Love is love and it’s great to know that you can marry the person you love the most without any problems.

I also got those all important exam results on Friday and it turns out that I had spent the last few weeks worrying over nothing. I passed my second year which now means I get to move into third year in September. How crazy is that? I am two years away from a full degree and becoming a proper grown-up. Don’t think I’m quite mature enough for this to happen but I have two years to get used to it. It’s scary but it’s a good kind of scary and I cannot wait to head into third year and see what the course has to offer.

My mum has also fractured her wrist this week so she has her arm in a cast for the next six weeks. She’ll do anything to get out of doing all that housework. Of course I am kidding and I hope she has a quick recovery with as little pain as possible. We will be winding her up about this for a while but that’s what family does. I also got to meet up with some friends and have a catch up over lunch which was lovely. Sometimes all you need is lunch with friends to feel good and happy. Also some exciting news my blog post about attending the Edinburgh Book Festival was featured on paper.li this week. Cora (Smalltown Bookworm) was also featured.

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