Blog Olympics | A Discussion About Favourite Books

If you don’t already know An Overthinking Teenager and Always Opinionated Girl have been hosting a Blog Olympics this week. It’s be a lot of fun watching everyone take part and get involved in some great chats, discussions and giveaways. If you’re interested in getting involved it’s not too late. You can head over to one of their blogs to find out what’s happening over the next couple of days. I sadly missed the first couple of days but this week I’m getting all caught up and am very excited to be taking part in this discussion.

Everyone has a favourite book whether you’re someone who reads all the time or if you read once in a while. Favourite books cover a wide range of genres from classics to new releases and everyone has a different opinion on what makes and book a favourite. I’ve left my take on the whole what makes a favourite book below – let me know if you agree and tell me what some of your favourite books are.

What, for you, cements a book as a favourite?

For me a favourite book is something I have enjoyed so much that I can’t recommend it quick enough to my friends. A favourite book should be something you want everyone to read and one you want to keep to yourself because you love it that much. I think it also depends on who writes the book. If a favourite author of mine that I love has a new release coming out it’s probably going to go onto my favourite lists purely because I’ve loved their previous work.

Do you generally only have one favourite book at a time, or a whole list of them?

I personally don’t understand how you can only have one favourite book. There are too many books in the world to just have one favourite for your whole entire life. To even to have one favourite for a specific time period is a challenge for me. I always have a collection of favourite books and once a book is in my favourites it never leaves. I have a collection of favourite books that have been on my list forever such as Great Expectations, The Silver Linings Playbook and Paper Towns to name a few. These are books I continuously find myself going back to re-read when I’m in a book slump or can’t decide on what to read next.

What would be the one (or more!) thing that absolutely prevents a book from making it onto your favourites list?

When you read a story and the plot is fantastic and full of questions and you can’t turn the pages quick enough to get to the end of the book but the ending is bad. This happened to me with Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and it has annoyed me since I finished the book. I loved the book, it was perfect right up until that ending. If the ending had been different it probably would have made my favourites list.

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