Weekly Wrap Up | Monday 6th – Sunday 12th July 2015

This week has been crazy busy and it’s the reason a few blog posts, including this one, have been posted a day later than planned. This week I haven’t really done anything that I would call exciting. I’ve been working a lot and when I get home I’ve pretty much been sleeping. This week coming is looking to be a good one so I’m looking forward to it especially after a very busy week. I did go shopping this week and I didn’t buy a single book or walk into a bookshop. Do I get some special kind of reward for this? I am pretty proud that it’s the 13th now and I still haven’t bought a single book. Still a long way to go but you have to celebrate small victories when they happen.

Here’s what I’ve been talking about this week:

Monday Music | Wings – Birdy

Blog Olympics | A Discussion About Favourite Books

July Reads

Let’s Talk About… The Extraordinary Means Book Tag

My Favourite… Stand Alone Books

Here’s what some of my favourite bloggers have been talking about this week:

Kira at Delirous Dreams done the Fangirl Tag

Analee at Book Snacks reached 200+ followers

Sophie at Sophie Speaks Up talked about plagiarism

Mel at Dat Little Blog shared a book tour of her bookshelf

Cora at Smalltown Bookworm done the Extraordinary Means Booktag

Here are some of my favourite things from this week

Jennifer Lawrence sings Cher’s Believe

Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer

Sherlock Special First Look

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