Let’s Talk About… The Fangirl Tag

This was supposed to go up last Wednesday but I got a little distracted which meant a few posts have been late. I was tagged by Kira from iDeiriousDreams to take part in this tag. She has a pretty great blog and her answers to this were hilarious so you should go and check out her blog.

1. First Person I ever obsessed over?

For this I honestly have no idea. I loved a lot of TV shows and films when I was younger and I no doubt obsessed over thousands of fictional characters over the years. There was this program on every morning before I got up for school that my dad and I used to watch. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called though. That’s going to annoy me all day now.

2. Current obsession?

My current TV obsession is The Last Ship I’m loving every episode. My current book obsession is The 5th Wave. I just recently finished the first book and I now need to wait to August before I can get my hands on the second. My current movie obsession is Paper Towns. I am counting down the days until it’s released in the UK so I can go see one of my favourite books on the big screen.

3. Favourite band?

I don’t have one favourite band I have quite a few I absolutely love. Topping the list are The Script, Kodaline, Snow Patrol The 1975, OneRepublic and recently The Vamps.

4. Favourite singer?

Again I don’t really have a favourite as I love quite a few. Topping the list are Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Sia, and Olly Murs.

5. Favourite YouTuber?

I really like Vlogbrothers, Giovanna Fletcher and Kurt Hugo Schneider. I also watch a few family vloggers such as Ellie & Jared, Sam & Nia and of course the Shaytards. In terms of the book Youtubers I really like Jesse The Reader and Little Book Owl.

6. First concert?

I went to see S Club 7 and S Club Junior when I was around 8 with my dad, my neighbour and her dad. From what I can remember it was a really good night. We danced, we sang our hearts out and a few days later we found out that S Club 7 were breaking up.

7. Favourite movie?

My current favourite movie 10 Things I Hate About you as I watched it the other night. My all time favourite movie Never Been Kissed and While You Were Sleeping.

8. Favourite actor/actress?

Favourite actor Benedict Cumberbatch/Paul Rudd and everyone already knows my favourite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

9. First celebrity crush?

I think I had a slight crush on Josh Hutcherson when I was maybe around 10/11 when I watched him in Little Manhattan.

10. Ever got made fun of for what I like?

I’d call it more teasing than anything else but I just brushed it aside.

11. Favourite book?

I can’t just choose one book so instead I’ll give you the books at the top of my favourite’s list. Silver Linings Playbook, Paper Towns, The Beginning of Everything, Love Rosie & Billy and Me.

12. Favourite TV show?

I watched 9 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in like 5 weeks last year. Other favourite’s include Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, The Last Ship, Falling Skies and Friends.

13. Favourite fictional character?

I love Peeta from The Hunger Games because he’s Peeta and he’s incredible sweet. I loved Alex from Love, Rosie and of course Sophie from Billy and Me.

14. something I love about a fandom I’m in?

Generally I just love logging onto Twitter or Tumblr or Facebook after everyone’s either read a book or watched a show and had the same reaction I did. It’s like internet support group for when they kill of characters you loved and it’s brilliant.

15. Something I hate about a fandom I’m in?

I’ll take this one from what Kira said on her post. Having to wait FOREVER on new Sherlock episodes.

16. Would you ever take a bullet for the people I fangirl over?

Hmmm, I don’t know. Everyone reacts differently to a situation from what they expected they’d do and what they’d do if it actually were to happen.

17. Do I ever hide the fact that I like someone out of fear of getting teased?

I used to but now it doesn’t bother me. I have a good group of friends who already know how crazy I can get sometimes so it doesn’t shock them.

18. Have I ever met any of my idols?

Nope not yet but I still have quite a bit of time on my hands so we’ll see what happens.

19. Do I have any merch of the people I fangirl over?

I have a few Friends and Harry Potter tops but that’s about it.

20. Favourite fangirl moment?

My absolute favourite thing is when a book you love gets made into a film. When you go and see the film and there are other people there of love the book just as much as you do. Most of the time you don’t get to know if they’ve read the book or not but knowing that someone else in the cinema has waited for their favourite book to be made into a film is pretty amazing.

If you’re favourite book is getting made into a film this year then I’m tagging you to get involved in this tag!

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… The Fangirl Tag

  1. loved you answers!!! hahaha yeah being a sherlock fan is tough!!
    so, should I watch the last ship? I’ve wanted to watch it for a while now, but I am scared that I will start crying when I see Eric Dane

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