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All the bookworms reading this know exactly what it feels like when you walk into a bookshop. Some people can walk in and out of a bookshop within minutes but when we walk through that door we know we are not walking out again for hours because we have just walked straight into Wonderland. Neverland. Narnia.

Visiting a bookshop is not something any of us can do quickly and without effort. It is made up of reading every blurb of books we come across. It is standing still and just looking at all the word filled pages surrounding us trying to take it in. Of thinking very hard of valid excuses for buying the amount of books we are about to take to the counter and of sitting in the comfy chairs reading from the books surrounding us.
Every bookworm has a specific reason (more than one if we are being honest) of why we love going into bookshops. The atmosphere, the people and of course the books. Today I get to tell you about 4 bookshops that are on my wishlist. I know, I know how could I pick only four! It took time, effort and a bit of stressing but I managed to narrow my giant list down to four and  telly you all why I want to visit them.
Levaria Lello, Portugal
 In Porto in Portugal there sits this bookshop that breaths fairy-tales and magic. I honestly think if I ever, hopefully, get here I would be forced out at the end of that day. You could get lost in here forever and be happy about it I think.
Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    A bookshop built in an old theatre. I mean seriously did you just want to make everyone in the world envious. Combining two of my favourite things this bookshop in Argentina has been number one on my wishlist for a long, long time. The stage is a cafe and everywhere else is filled with books. Just sigh. Perfect.
Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City, Mexico
This bookshop/ cafe in Mexico to me just looks like it belongs in a book. Imagine sitting in the cafe drinking a nice warn drink and reading surrounded by the wilderness of books. Looks like perfection to me.
Bodleian Libraries, Oxford University
Technically not a bookshop but these libraries are part of Oxford University and they have to have a bookshop right? With over 11 MILLION works across the libraries do I really need to explain why I want to go here? If you still want an explanation then here is the ultimate one…. Harry Potter. Yep, the library you see in the Harry Potter films it was the one and only Duke Humfrey’s library. Which you can get a tour of! The Divinity school is also the location of the Infirmary scenes and where the Hogwarts students dancing lessons scenes were filmed.
Well, that’s me for today. I hope you all enjoy Kayleigh’s Bloguest month and leave a comment below if there is any bookshop on your wishlist!

– Cora
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(N.B. Photographs aren’t mine, I found them on Pinterest and Google Images)