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Hello dear people of the internet! My name is Kira & I am a 18-year old weirdo from Germany.k5

I blog under the name DeliriousDreams & there I post stuff about Movies, Books & other fangirl stuff 🙂 I’m really excited to be a part of the Bloguest 2015.               My first topic is “favorite book-to-film adaptation” and the moment I got this topic, I knew it would be about Harry Potter.

Why is Harry Potter my favorite book-to-film adaptation?


The answer to that is actually pretty easy. HP is awesome. There, I said it. No seriously. I don’t know how many of you guys know this, but I am from Germany. I live in a very small town, very german, very conservative. And I’ve never fit in here. The story of my life is the cliché “I was bullied as a kid, never fit in, was a nerd & bookworm” kinda story. And when I was a child my Mom had a few books in her shelf. Thick books with a funny cover. So one day I decided to read it, and that’s how I became a part of the magical world of Harry Potter. I completely fell in love with the books & then one day, my Mom and I watched the very first Harry Potter film.

And the films just fascinated me. I personally think, that every actor was the perfect choice for their role. They were    exactlk4y like I imagined them in my head. Not only do I love the characters, and the whole wizard thing. No, I think J.K. put so many important messages into her books. And I think all the film directors & actors did an amazing job at making a film series out of the books. Out of all the films, I could never pick a favorite one. But I do like 6,7 & 8 a lot, because I am kinda in love with Snape, and we learn so much about him in those parts.

The actors really did an amazing job. Every single one nailed his role. Even the ‘minor’ characters were so amazing. The film crew did an amazing job at all the special effects & witing the dialogues. Not one movie disappointed me! Evanna Lynch was ak6n amazing Luna Lovegood. She nailed the whole ‘kind of innocent & naive little girl’ thing. Matthew Lewis, who made all of us fall in love with Neville. Neville, who used to be the shy little boy that every one made fun of. But in the end he was our hero. Plus he secretely fantasized about Snape in women dresses. The amazing Emma Watson, who played sassy & smart Hermione Granger, who was so real & honest. She said out loud, what everyone else was thinking. Especially, when Ron was being stupid. Ruper Grint, as my Ginger buddy Ron Weasley. Stupid little Ron who is scared of spiders and everything else.

Obviously, Alan Rickman as the love of my life, Severus Snape. He was all dark & twisty but in the end, he was the good guy. *R.I.P* Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy. Tom is a genius to me. He k1is super funny & adorable but he is also an amazing actor. He is nothing like Draco, and yet he nailed this role. Draco was an asshole, and yet I couldn’t help but secretly love him. And I ship him with Harry. #SorryNotSorry Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, duh. Helena Bonham-Carter, probably the most talented actress in the world.

I don’t wanna mention every actor here, just the ones that, in my opinion, just killed it on screen.

Being a part of the Harry Potter world & fandom has made a huge impact on my life. J.K. Rowling did change my life in some ways. And I just love our fandoms. Still using HP references, sorting each other into houses. It’s fun. And I mean, seriously, who didn’t want to be a wizard as a child? Have a wand, a broom and everything. Aren’t we all still waiting for our letters from Hogwarts?

I actually feel very sorry for those kids who didn’t or won’t grow up with Harry Potter. Because I am so glad I did. My brother and i still have HP marathons, watching all 8 movies in a row. No regrets. Seeing the books I’ve read come alive, seeing them on a big screen was such an amazing thing for me. I fell in love with all the characters, I wanted a friend like Hagrid, an owl, everything. It was simply magical.

The films & books can teach you a lot about love and friendship.  I think it’s so important for a film/book to have a message. It taught me that it’s okay to be a bookworm, to care about my grades. It taught me to accept myself for who I am. To be proud of who I am. And this magical world in Hogwarts used to be my hiding place for a long time. Whenever I had a bad day I would read a HP book or watch a film. That was my way of escaping reality.

Like I mentioned, it taught me so many things. But most importantly it taught me, that you can do ANYTHING if you believe in it. Harry believed that he could defeat Voldemord and save the people he loves. And he did. We can achieve our goals, if we believe in ourselves & fight for what we believe in. Now I’d like to know what your favorite book-to-film adaptation is!! 🙂 Is it Harry Potter too? If yes, do you have a favorite HP movie? Let me know in the comments!


I hope you enjoyed reading this, I definitely had fun writing this! You can find me on almost every Social Media Website, so feel free to follow me if you want to!! 🙂

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