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Hi!  I’m Elly and I blog mainly at A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts!  When Kayleigh asked The Blog Squad (a little twitter chat thingy with loads of bloggers in) if anyone was interested in doing a post on her blog, I was quick to say yes, as I love guest posting (although I think I’ve only done it once, I think) and wanted to help Kayleigh out! 🙂

My post topic is ‘My Favourite Book Series’, which I chose because it meant that I could fangirl about Harry Potter 😛

Anyway enough introducing, I should get started on the actual post!

How can I begin to express my love for the Harry Potter books?tumblr_lzcvl8mEZ01r3h4ef

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the author, the amazing woman known as J. K. Rowling!  Her brain is siriusly (haha, see what I did there?) amazing!  Like, how can she even think up a world so detailed and amazing, and also the perfect words to describe it with?!  AND THE CHARACTERS!  Oh, the characters!

The fact that J. K. Rowling not only created complex main characters, but also paid attention to characters with slightly smaller roles in the series.  Characters such as the trio’s classmates and teachers.  Characters such as Neville, Dumbledore and Luna, whose backstories are revealed quite gradually throughout the books.  Characters such as Professor McGonagall and Hagrid who are JUST PLAIN AWESOME OK

Also, a lot of the things and people in the series can be compared to real life.  Come on, we’ve all had an Umbridge!8442900d-9ab9-48b5-8c5c-022fda3c1938

AND THE QUOTES ARE THE BEST!anigif_enhanced-29749-1397439862-15

The messages are ones that should be treasured for life, particularly the ones about family and friendship (and there’s no shortage of those!) as THEY ARE SO TRUE! (More on this here, which is a little something I found the other day.  Warning: It’s emotional!)

Basically, I LOVE Harry Potter so much, and if you fail to see why, thenanigif_enhanced-19595-1397437864-6

Ever since I read that first page, I was hooked, and even now, a few years after finishing the series for the first time, I am still obsessed and I suspect I will be forevermore!anigif_enhanced-6847-1397438716-1

Thanks for reading!

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