Monday Music |Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic

It’s Monday again which means it’s a new week and time for another song. OneRepublic are one of my favourite bands and I think it would be amazing to see them perform live at some point. I think they’re one of those bands who sound amazing on CD but even better in concert. This past week, and this morning, I have been doing lots of writing. Blog posts, little reminders for the week ahead, editing and writing something new. It’s been very busy and this song is one that kept cropping up – especially when I was doing some editing. It’s one of my favourite songs from theirs and I think it fits perfectly with what I’ve been editing but of course that stills top-secret, sorry.

Also a quick note that this week (well last week) there was no weekly-wrap-up. Sorry about that I had a very busy weekend and a busy week which meant that nothing really went up unless it was scheduled. Those wrap-ups will be back to normal for the rest of this month.

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