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Hi friends! My name is Eímear, and yes I do know how funny that sounds. I also accept “Eee-more” and you can see more (eh? did you see what I did there?) at!

So! My lovely fellow BlogSquad member asked me to guest post and I jumped at the chance! My topic is 3 Favourite Classical Books! No, don’t snore out on me, I swear they’re good. (Although beating those Harry Potter Posts before me will be hard… not that I’ve read them because this post was TOTALLY finished in time for the deadline… hah… haha… shall we move on?)

My most absolute favourite classic is Wuthering Heights! I have such a love for this old classic for so many different reasons. This was always a novel that people told me I should read, but never got around to. However, I hate to admit that I only got around to reading it because it was part of my school course. For my final year exam we had to compare three texts; usually a novel, a play and a movie. Wuthering Heights was my novel, and I fell in love with it.
My English teacher was an inspiring woman who never lost the love for literature. So I loved listening to her. She perfectly explained the book as we studied it. (Hey, it was like my first ever proper classic book, who says I’m not allowed to get help?).
This classic follows the lives of the Earnshaw and The Linton families, along with many other singular characters appearing.
Like similar novels, it is open to interpretation. Was it a dream? Was it a ghost? And your answers for these are used for follow-up questions which intrigued my brain far too much…. and I loved it.
The novel is a bit rough around the edges. It definitely took me a while before I got fully engrossed into the plot of why Cathy and Heathcliff keep screwing up their love lives and families because there’s no one there to instruct them not to! Wuthering Heights opened my eyes to classical books
It is a timeless novel which I recommend everyone to stop stalling from. If the melodic language doesn’t capture your attention, the moors definitely will!

A Christmas Carol has been a timeless classic around for many years. Everyone is familiar with the tale of the three ghosts coming to visit Scrooge. Whether it’s the Disney version, or the MOVIE version, I’ve never come across anyone who didn’t know this story. The reason I chose this classic is because I was in it when I was eleven years old! I was a main narrator (ooh main), along with being an extra throughout the play. This meant I needed to know the play inside and out so I could step in for anyone if I needed to. So if you saw someone missed out on their line, you had to say the line! Very important responsibilities for an eleven year old! I took the step further though, and read the original copy of A Christmas Carol, just so I would have a heads up! I was also involved with designing and painting the set of the show, so after reading it I could visually imagine what I wanted. This play introduced me to a world of classics, even if I didn’t realise it at the time. It was one of my very first non-school plays, and will always have a place in my heart! The fact that it is a feel good Christmas story just adds to it.

Everyone has a different story of how they started their ‘book journey’. Yes, like any other book-worm I’ve always loved reading. But when you’re young and searching, you may stumble across a novel which leaves you with a sense of “Yes. This is what I want to do.” For one of my best friends, Lauren, it was a classic novel. When I first met Lauren, she had a tattoo which read “It’s history it’s poetry”. If you read the famous classic The Catcher in the Rye, you would recognise that this is a quote from it. I didn’t. So I asked her about it and her eyes lit up as she proceeded to tell me about her favourite novel. Because of this, I asked for her account on the book itself! She told me, “While on holidays with my family one year, I found a battered copy of The Catcher In The Rye in the apartment we were renting for the week. I’d heard of the novel before, it was one of those classics I never had a chance to read because I was too busy re-reading Stephanie Meyer (it was still cool to like Twilight then) In the end, it was a mixture of boredom and curiosity that awoke my pretentious inner reader and I decided to read my first classic novel. I wasn’t disappointed.
To this day, The Catcher In The Rye is still my favourite novel. When I returned from my holiday I bought my own copy of the book and made it my own. I have folded over my favourite pages so I can re-read them and have underlined several passages throughout the book.
I was sixteen years old the first time I read it, the same age as the protagonist Holden Caulfield. I travelled through New York with him that winter in 1950 and felt everything he felt. It’s a timeless novel for anyone who has ever felt lost or confused, and boldly deals with issues such as isolation, underage drinking, sex, prostitution, violence, mental health and grief.
One of my favourite features of the novel is character development. For me, The Catcher In The Rye is one of those rare books that offer the reader a chance to develop along with the character. I learned a lot about myself by simply reading this novel. Like Holden, I was pissed off at the world, everything just seemed so ‘phoney’. But I grew alongside Holden, learning important life lessons as he did. It sounds silly, I know, but books can change a person, and this is the book that changed me.” (You can find her on

Classical books are some of my favourite types to read. The language, the setting, the characters and all that goes with it makes it so easy to lose yourself in a world of fantasy. I’d strongly recommend to anyone to read one to broaden your horizons on the english language!

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