Let’s Talk About… The Edinburgh Book Festival 2015 | The Disappeared with Cat Clarke and Kat Ellis

Last Tuesday I was back in at the book festival in Edinburgh with Cora. Another day spent geeking out over books and authors – talk about a great day! This time we got to see two events at the festival. The first one we went to see was The Disappeared by Cat Clarke and Kat Ellis. Now before I go on to talk about the event I have a question to ask you all that was put to the authors at the start of the talk. Would you rather have muffins for hands (these obviously regenerate) or squirrels for feet? Have a think and let me know in the comments below. Cat Clarke said that she would want squirrels for feet where Kat Ellis went for the muffins. I’m with Kat on this one I’d rather have regenerating muffins for hands. The thought of having squirrels where my feet are creeps me out way to much.

Now that the question is out of the way we went on to talk about the books. Both have new books with a similar topic popping up. Both authors have taken a different approach but the topic is still about children who have disappeared. This fascinates me more than it probably should and I think it’s the writer in me geeking out. I find it amazing that you could give 2 authors the same topic and yet get two very different stories that revolve around the same idea. I mean that’s crazy in the most brilliant way possible. Truthfully, am I the only one geeking out over how insanely amazing that is? I probably am.

Blackfin Sky is the debut novel by Kat Ellis. I am in love with the title of this book and the cover. 18952405The cover is very pretty. The book is about Sky Rousseau. She died after falling of Blackfin Pier on her sixteenth birthday. Three months later she shocks the town of Blackfin by showing up very much alive with no memory of the time she spent dea. As Sky tries to unravel the mystery about what really happened that night things start getting a little crazy. I’m holding my hands up high I haven’t yet read this book so I can’t tell you if it’s brilliant. I am assuming it’s brilliant from the blurb alone. I can tell you that she read a chapter from the book and it instantly had me hooked. I can’t wait to read this book and find out for myself what really happened to Sky. (Amazon UK | Amazon US)

51YwXZ85WGL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Lost and The Found is a new novel by Cat Clarke. The book is told from Faith Logan’s point of view. Faith was the only witness of her older sister, Laurel Logan, going missing when she was six years old. Since then Faith’s childhood has been dominated by Laurel disappearance from her parents now broken marriage to the media attention. 13 years later Laurel shows back up in their front garden and it seems like the miracle they had always hoped for has finally happened. Again I haven’t actually read this book so I can only assume that it’s as fantastic as it sounds. She did read a chapter from the book at the event and I knew I needed to read this. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens after Laurel returns, it sounds like a great read. (Amazon UK | Amazon US)

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… The Edinburgh Book Festival 2015 | The Disappeared with Cat Clarke and Kat Ellis

    • Yay another person agrees with me! It does sound strange but the alternative is even stranger. I’m glad you see it in the same way that I do though, I don’t think I’d like them where my feet are supposed to be. It creeps me out 🙂

    • Yes someone else to agree with me. I kind of hope that it would be different flavours of muffins and not just the same. I’ve clearly thought about this way too much. Always next year, promise I’ll book tickets for you if you’re over next year 🙂

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