Weekly Wrap Up | Monday 24th – Sunday 30th August 2015

This week I have been quite busy. I went into Edinburgh with Cora for our last visit to the book festival. It was great but I’m a little sad that all the book festival fun is now over until next year. One piece of advice I took from the whole thing was “break the rules of writing.” I was also told by an author that if you write then you are a writer so I guess I am one of those writer people. I’ll need to start admitting it a lot more than I do. I also stuffed my face with a delicious chocolate sundae and a lot of pizza this week – talk about an end of summer treat! Cora and I also got stuck in the train station for an hour and if you follow us on Twitter you would have seen all the fun we had – if you don’t you missed out. Bloguest ended this week which I’m pretty sad about. I have loved featuring different, and some of my favourite, bloggers this month. They’ve all written such fantastic posts and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have. I think it’s something that will be popping up next year again but we’ll wait and see – a lot can change in a year.

What else happened this week? I’ve moved my room around and love the new layout. Even if it meant that I was left sitting on the floor for a while staring at my bed because it was too heavy. Everything is now moved and almost back in its proper place. I started the second Outlander book tonight too and I’m kind of loving it. I have so many questions that I want answered so I’ll probably be up late tonight reading it.

Quick little note for you all – this will be the last weekly wrap up. I’ve decided to change these to monthly wrap ups instead which I am hoping will be just as fun as these ones. I’ll have a lot more to talk about and I’ll be able to add in a few extra fun things that don’t make it into these posts. Also blog posts will be going up at 7PM instead of 3PM. I have a post coming out on this later in the week so you’re not all confused. I’m looking forward to starting a new month of blogging and 3rd year of university in the next couple of weeks. A lot of things are changing but I’m hoping they’re all exciting changes.

Here’s what I’ve posted this week:

Monday Music | The Long Way by The Coronas

The Quote Challenge | 3 Quotes, 3 Days (Done in 1 Day)

Bloguest 2015 | Predictability in YA | By EscapeWithWriting

Let’s Talk About… The Edinburgh Book Festival 2015 | The Disappeared with Cat Clarke and Kat Ellis

Bloguest 2015 | My Favourite Authors | Sherinaspeaks

Book Review | Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Bloguest 2015 | We can all be Heroes for a day | DeliriousDreams

Here’s what some of my favourite bloggers have been posting this week:

Kira at Delirious Dreams shared a post on books to read before you die

Janet from The Storyteller wrote a review of Inside Out

Cora from Smalltown Bookworm shared her Book Festival 2015 visit

Marje at Kyrosmagica shared her last day at the Edinburgh Book Festival

Here are some of my favourite things for this past week:

Taylor Swift sings Smelly Cat with Lisa Kudrow

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up | Monday 24th – Sunday 30th August 2015

  1. I really want to go to a book festival, they sound like so much fun!! I’ll have to read your posts about it 🙂 And go writers! And go Jamie! Especially go Jamie ❤
    Thanks for visiting Addlepates and Book Nerds!

    • They are a lot of fun I hope you get to go to one soon. If you do read them I hope you like them, I pretty sure I rambled about my love for David Levithan in one of them, haha. I agree, go Jamie! 🙂

  2. Oh, I can see why you’ve decided to change from weekly to monthly wrap ups. Makes SO much sense. I used to do weekly wrap ups — and then I began to find that I didn’t really have much to say each week (HEY, my life can be pretty same-same!) so now I do it maybe once every couple of weeks, and I’m finding it’s working out muuuuuch better. Sounds like you have some great changes coming up! Have a wonderful week xx 🙂

    • I liked the weekly ones but my life isn’t that interesting for weekly updates. Monthly ones just seem to make more sense. I’m glad it’s working for you I’m hoping it’s the same for me. September is a month of changes 🙂 Thank you, hope you have a great week too 🙂

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