Book Review | Dream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher



Book: Dream A Little Dream
Author: Giovanna Fletcher
Publication Date: 18th June 2015
Amazon UK: Dream A Little Dream
Amazon US: Dream A Little Dream

Dream A Little Dream is the third novel written by Giovanna Fletcher. The novel follows Sarah who has found herself in a very unusual situation. She’s been part of a very close group of friends for years which includes her friends from university and her ex-boyfriend, Dan. New to the group is Dan’s girlfriend, Perfect Lexi, the girl he ended his seven-year relationship with Sarah for – yikes! Sarah has done her best to welcome Perfect Lexi to the group despite struggling with seeing the man who broke her heart every day. One night Sarah has a dream about tall and handsome Brett, someone she knew from her university days. He’s been popping into her dreams a lot recently and she starts to look forward to these moments with him. After losing a promotion at work to a new co-worker she decides to be friendly and welcome the new member to the team. Only to find out that her new co-worker is actually Real Brett – double yikes!

I got this book when it first come out back in June but decided to keep it for a summer binge read. For me I think this was Giovanna’s best book yet. I’ve read everything Giovanna has published so far and this is the one that stands out. (I feel like I’m betraying Billy by saying that.) I absolutely fell in love with Sarah so much that I kind of want to be friends with her. I also fell head over heels for dreamy Real Brett. I’m not sure how you read a book like this and don’t fall for someone like Brett.

While reading the book I continued wondering why Sarah would hang out with her friends while Dan and Lexi were there too. I couldn’t understand why she’d want to stay with the group and watch them flash their new happy relationship in front of her. Yet the more you read the book the easier this question is to answer. She has such a great bunch of friends who are supportive and understand the situation that she’s in. Like any group of friends they are all there to listen when she wants to rant and put a funny spin on such a dull situation.

Throughout the book it’s really clear to see how close this group are and not just when they’re all together. Through the book you get to see the relationship that Sarah has with her friends both as a group and as alone which I really liked. You can clearly see the love they all have for each other and that’s such a wonderful thing to read. I want a group of friends who meet up at the pub every week and take part in a pub quiz. In fact scrap that, I want to join this bunch in the pub for weekly quiz night!

Sarah works as a personal assistant in a TV production company but that’s not exactly what she had planned for her future when she left university. She thought that this job would be a stepping stone and is determined to dive further into the company. Of course she jumps at the chance to become part of the planning team when she notices a spot is opening up. I really loved this part. There were so many creative ideas that filled this part of the book. I mean if there was a program on TV called “Grannies Go Wild” I think I’d watch it – the name alone makes me smile.

Of course Brett appeared in her dreams first and she felt like she really knew everything about him. This wasn’t the case when Real Brett showed up. There were moments in the book where Sarah would say things about Dream Brett that would confuse Real Brett – these moments made me laugh. They occasionally made awkward situations but they were always quickly brushed away. Although I did love Dream Brett sweeping Sarah off her feet I think I loved Real Brett more. I enjoyed reading about their work relationship, and their personal one, as it developed. He was such a sweet character that it’s very easy to see why Sarah fell for him so quickly, even if it was influenced by Dream Brett.

This book amazed me just as much as her first two books did – although I do favour this one more, sorry Billy and Ben! The book is such a lovely read with connections from real life seeping into the book. Giovanna continues to make me fall in love with her characters and her ability to tell such a sweet and captivating story. I am already excited to see what the future brings for Giovanna and her writing. If you haven’t read Dream A Little Dream yet I highly suggest you pick up a copy of the book. She truly is a fantastic writer and I promise I’m not just saying that because she’s my favourite author.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review | Dream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

  1. I’ve just finished reading it, and although I don’t think it’s actually such a good book, I couldn’t agree more – real brett is really really sweet and I totally fell for him! 🙂 It’s worth reading it! 🙂

      • Yes, I have read all of her books (I even wrote about them on my blog 🙂 ). I really enjoyed «Billy and Me». I agree, I adore Giovanna, and I think that’s the main reason I love her books! hehehe!

      • Billy and Me was my favourite until Brett and Sarah came along. I’m hoping her 4th book is just as enjoyable when it comes out – she wrote on instagram about writing book 4 and going back with the hashtags Billy and Sophie so I’m hoping for another Billy book 🙂

  2. […] I personally thought this book was Giovanna’s best. I mean a girl dreaming about her perfect guy only for him to stroll into her life the next day – eh yes please! Dream Brett is very dreamy but Real Brett is dreamy and sweet and very cute. The book is equal amounts funny, heartbreaking, sweet and romantic. [Full review here] […]

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