Let’s Talk About… The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Last weekend something very exciting happened – one of my bestest friends turned 21!! This of course meant heading off to a lovely celebration party with great company and plenty of food. However, this party wasn’t like a normal party. I got to attend The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – ahh!!

When she told us her party was Alice in Wonderland themed I got SO excited. Straight away my mind began wondering what I could dress up as. A rabbit, a cat, the caterpillar, the mad hatter himself or tweedle dum and dee – there were many possibilities. I eventually settled on the Cheshire Cat.

12003304_10153021963356502_8213934365275568826_nThis party is probably one of my favourite fancy dress parties I’ve been to yet. The house was decorated floor to ceiling in Alice decorations – including ‘eat me’ signs all over the food table. Playing cards covered the walls and they had paper lanterns and roses out in the garden. I wish I had a picture to show you just how beautifully decorated the house was. Instead you’ll have to settle for a picture of the cake. Oh my goodness the cake was amazing and was done by her mum. I am just in love with it – I mean look at it!!

Although my costume wasn’t the best I had such an amazing time with great company. I already want to attend another Wonderland themed birthday bash.

Extra note – I started 3rd year of university last week which is both scary and exciting. It’s only the second week and I am already feeling the stress. Posts will becoming a little later because of this – I’m not yet sure how late. Hopefully when I get back into the swing of things everything will be posted at their usual time again – which is 7PM.

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