Let’s Talk About… NaNoWriMo

It’s Wednesday and I thought this week I’d talk about how (un)succesful NaNoWriMo is currently going for me. I feel that around the middle of the month is when most people breakdown. The writing slumps hit and you wonder if you’ll ever get over staring at a blank word document. I’m at that stage too so let’s talk in through and see if we can help get the motiavation back.

This year I wasn’t actually going to take part in NaNoWriMo. I had a lot going on with university and I knew I wasn’t going to have time to sit down and write every day. Yet when everyone was posting their “I’m ready for NaNoWriMo” updates I couldn’t help but get in on all the fun. I love writing but I love it more when you know there are a bunch of people you know, fellow bloggers I love, taking part too. So knowing I’d probably never hit the 50,000 word target but wanting to get involved in some writing I announced that I to was taking part.

We’re now 18 days in and I have lost all my motivation. I have no idea where it’s gone but if anyone sees it running around please send it back in my direction I have an unfinished chapter that needs written. If I’m being honest I thought my motivation would have fled around the end of the first week. I woke up this morning to finish a chapter I started last week. I stared at the word document for an hour before I admitted defeat – writers block 1, Kayleigh 0.

There are 12 days left before NaNoWriMo is over again and I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve already been able to write. I have 10 chapters at the beginning and a written ending that I am very happy with. At the start of the month all I had was two characters, a backstory and an idea. Now all I’m missing is the middle chunk to bind what I have together. If the unthinkable happens and I never find my motivation and this writers block never leaves that’s okay. If the middle doesn’t find it’s way to getting written this month it always gives me something to do during our winter break – maybe it’s not so much of a bad thing after all.

If you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo please let me know how things are going for you below. Have you hit the writing slump too? Have you reached the target or are you way behind? Let me know I’d love to hear what exciting things you’ve been working on.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… NaNoWriMo

  1. Take some rest! Maybe do some character exploration and brainstorming, or something other than digging through your brain to find something to put in the middle part of your novel!
    I must say, congratulations on your progress! You’ve done so much and you should be proud of yourself for that! I hope you find your motivation or that it comes back to you soon before the month ends! 💓

    • Thank you for this wonderful advice. I’ve been mapping out the characters journey and trying to work out other directions they could head in before reaching the final chapter 🙂 X

  2. I think the best way to deal with a lack of motivation is to both lower your standards and take a break – the only thing stopping you from writing is you. Try writing from another characters point of view, kill someone off, or make your MC do something totally wacko – anything to bring in some fresh blood as it were. I always find that listening to music really helps with my inspiration : ) I recommend that and or spending a night with some friends – they’re the perfect shmorgish board of weird things

    • This is some really great advice and I taking you up on it. I’m stepping away from the keyboard for a day or two and see if that helps. I also love the idea of just doing something crazy with a character… hmm I’ll have a think. 🙂

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