Blogmas 2015 | Day 1 – Let The Festivities Begin

Hello December 1st – I am very excited that you have finally arrived. Aside from November, December is my favourite month. It’s only the first but I am already counting down the days until my mum will let me decorate the house – we’re never on the same level of excitment about Christmas. Which means I go around annoying everyone singing Christmas songs as loud as I can and asking when we can decorate the house every day until someone says yes. I’m sure they can’t wait until I move out.

I am excited for a lot of things this year. Drinking hot chocolate, winter walks, the first snowfall (which has actually already happened) and watching Christmas films. Although like every year I am most excited about sitting around the table with my family eating dinner and seeing their faces when I give them their presents.

Just in case you weren’t here for Blogmas last year I blog every day of December to spread some festive cheer. It seems fitting since it is after all my favourite time of year. I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite Christmas films, books and songs along with a few festive posts thrown in for good measure. I hope you’ll come back and check those out. If you’re taking part in Blogmas this year let me know, I love having my feed filled with festive cheer throughout December.

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