Blogmas 2015 | Day 2 – Advent Calanders

When advent calanders are displayed in shops you know the Christmas season is on it’s way. Although here in the UK they tend to display them well before Halloween – I don’t really feel Christmasy until after Bonfire night.

We always got an advent calander each year and the closer it got to the 25th the more excited we would get. We used have one in primary school too. Our class had around 20-25 kids so it meant everyone always got one chocolate. As a kid that made me very excited because when it was my day it meant I got 2 piece of chocolate in the morning – which was a very special treat.

This year we don’t have any advent calanders and it feels strange. I feel like it means I’m supposed to be a grown-up now. I’ve missed 2 days but I am thinking about going to pick one up. I think every calander should come with chocolate you can pull out – how much more exciting would your day be if it started with a small piece of chocolate? Wait, I’ve had an idea. An advent calander where you pull open one of the doors and you get a book – like the beauty advent calanders you can buy. Imagine getting a book every day up until Christmas. Do these exist? If not I think I might be onto something here.

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