Blogmas 2015 | Day 27 – Sweet Treats & Catch Ups

One thing I love about the festive season is that you are never short of surprise visitors or a fridge full of goodies. Today I again just had a nice relaxing day. I did go outside today so it wasn’t as lazy as yesterday.

We had a few visitors today which was nice. I love having people stop in just for a catch up, especially people you haven’t seen in a while. My best friend and her boyfriend stopped in for a little while and we had a good catch up. I did see her last Monday so she’s not so much of a distance visitor – I’m usually stuck with her for hours on end before she’ll go home but that’s never a bad thing.

I also popped over to my neighbours today to exchange some Christmas presents. We’re either organised and give them to each other a week in advance or we get the anytime after Christmas – the inbetween doesn’t exist with us.

I decided that I’m going to carry on the movie day tradition from Boxing Day over into the 27th. I have some chocolate and crisps sitting next to me and a couple of films to watch. This is how I love ending a lovely day spent with lots friends.

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