Blogmas 2015 | Day 28 – Busy Doing Nothing

I feel like the days between Christmas and New Year pretty much go by in a blur. I’m always in a constant state of confusion over what day it is or even what date it is. I woke up today thinking it was Tuesday and was ready to go and meet some friends for lunch. If my friend hadn’t text to check it was tomorrow we were metting I’d be wandering around aimlessly wondering why no one else was here for our lunch date.

Despite not knowing what day it is I am enjoying these couple of days where I’ve had the chance to do nothing. The end of November and December were crazy months where I felt I was busy constantly. It’s really nice knowing that I can just sit on the couch with a cup of tea, read a book, maybe do some writing and just relax for a while. The bubble I’m in will have to pop eventually but until then I’m am blissfully enjoying the peace I’ve found.

With January just around the corner I know things are going to get really busy and crazy again. I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it. I’ve spent the last few weeks stressed and doing nothing now seems like the perfect reward. Although I am a little stressed because I’ve not finished my Goodreads reading challenge yet. I have 7 books left to read before Thursday and I’m not sure if I’ll manage it. Yikes, the pressure is real. Wish me luck – I’m going to need it!

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2015 | Day 28 – Busy Doing Nothing

  1. It always feels so strange to simply do NOTHING after being so busy with school and work and everything… I always have to remind myself to just enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂

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