Blogmas 2015 | Day 29 – Perfect Days

Do you ever have those days where everything seems to go perfectly? Like there are no hiccups everything just runs smoothly and you end up having an unexpectedly perfect day? I had one of those today and it’s put me in the best possible mood.

Today I had a lunch date and catch up with a few of my friends which is always great. Having a chat over some yummy food is something I will never complain about. It’s always great to get together with your girls and just fill each other in on what’s happening in our life. An unexpected trip to charity shops looking for some books is also never a bad thing. I managed to snag myself some books that have been on my TBR list forever! It’ll be good to cross those of the list next year.

I’m not sure why I’m in such a good mood but I am not complaining. I got home today and decided I was going to do a little writing and listen to music. I always put my playlists on shuffle so I get a surprise as to what’s coming next. Well my playlist only went and put all my favourites first – I mean talk about an extra treat on what was already a good day.

Kira, who you may know from Delrious Dreams – and if you don’t go check out her blog – sent me a Christmas present this year. We both sent each other one although mines is still sitting waiting to be delievered – I’ve been busy and thankfully she’s very understanding about it. My present from her arrived today and it put the biggest smile on my face. She sent me a book with a fangirl survival pack just in case the book makes me feel all the feels. I’m very excited to read the book and hopefully make use of this pack!

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7 thoughts on “Blogmas 2015 | Day 29 – Perfect Days

  1. happy to hear about your perfect day 🙂
    Still so glad you liked the present. I should’ve sent you that survival pack last year, before I forced you to read ‘Me before You’. I think you could’ve used it back then hahaha 😀

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