Monday Music | Shake It Off – Us The Duo (Cover)

2 years ago I got very obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. I binged 10 seasons in 6 weeks and since then I’ve been in love with the show. After everything that happened last season I’ve been anxious about watching this new season. This past week I decided it was time to catch up and find out what’s been happening at GreySloan. I’ve always loved the music used throughout the show and this one is very catchy.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Music | Shake It Off – Us The Duo (Cover)

      • I know what you mean about it missing something – I like do like the direction it’s took. Upsetting that Mer’s kids haven’t been in it though. I’m rooting for April and Jackson – it’ll break my heart if they never get back on track.

      • YES. I love April/Jackson. I hate how they left off without telling us is they were a thing or not! And yes, I don’t know why the kids aren’t even shown. You’d think it would be important? Now that Mer is a widow, you’d think her kids would always be around? I think for me I just really miss Christina. She was always my favorite.

      • I KNOW! I think I screamed a little when I watched it because it’s super frustrating. Can we please just get them back together already. Have you seen the promo for when it comes back yet? I love that this has totally turned into a Grey’s bonding conversation, haha. I’d love for them to show up every few episodes I’d have thought she’d be with them a lot – especially at the start of this season but nothing. Christina was great, I miss Mer’s person too.

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