Book Review | Made You Up By Francesca Zappia

“Believing something existed and then finding out it didn’t was like reaching the top of the stairs and thinking there was one more step.”


Book: Made You Up
Author: Francesca Zappia
Publication Date: May 19th 2015
Amazon UK: Made You Up
Amazon US: Made You Up

Before you start reading this review I’d like to say sorry. I finished this book a while ago but I’ve been struggling on how to word the review so it makes sense. Sometimes when I love a book so much I don’t know how to properly explain it without constantly typing asdfghjkl! I am annoyed at myself for not reading this book sooner. If you haven’t gotten around to reading this book yet or are wondering if it’s something that you’ll like – READ IT! Go grab a copy the next time you’re at the bookstore or the library I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s a book that will make you feel all the feels and the characters are so brilliantly unique.

Made You Up is the debut novel by Francesca Zappia and follows Alex, a teenage girl who has schizophrenia. She’s in her senior year of high school and all she wants is to get into college. Of course it’s never just that simple…

This book was a joy to read. I fell in love with it as soon as I picked it up and since finishing it I’ve told so many people to read it. One thing I really enjoyed about this book was that Alex was aware that she had schizophrenia and that the things she saw might not actually be there. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to wonder if something is real or not. Her reality is carrying a camera around so she can look back and see if what she saw was actually real.

Although Alex is a character I really did love throughout the book she isn’t the only one. We need to talk about Miles. The book without Miles in it wouldn’t be as wonderful as it was. I loved Miles from the beginning to the end and he’s just – how do you even explain it? To put it in a way that makes sense Miles was just as much an important part of the story as Alex. Like he is everything you want a book character to be.

I think talking about the beautiful book cover is a fantastic way to end this review. I mean have you looked at it? It’s just so pretty. I have to admit I do buy copies of books if they have pretty covers – it’s like a moth being drawn to the light, I have to have it. The cover is great but the story is even better. If you pick up this book and want to read it just because of the cover I won’t judge.

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