Let’s Talk About… Totally Should’ve Book Tag

I was tagged by Brittany at The Grisha Lieutenant to do the Totally Should’ve Book Tag. I mean I’ve now basically done two book tags in two weeks – I’m on a roll here. Don’t get your hopes up this whole being ahead of tags won’t last long. I’m already really behind on the Instagram ones. Anyway here goes.

1) A book that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a sequel

I’m one of those people where when I love a book I want more from it. Seriously I would sit and read about these characters doing shopping or tidying the house if I loved a book enough. Beside that little useless fact I really wish Billy and Me had a sequel. I really loved the relationship between Billy and Sophie – I mean who doesn’t dream of some famous person coming to town and falling in love with them? I feel there is a whole side of his life that could be explored further – plus I really want to meet his family.

2) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a Spin-Off series

This one was very easy to answer. Harry Potter, duh! Don’t get me wrong I love that we’re getting a Fantastic Beasts film – I’m already excited. I just feel that there is so much that could be done with the world. I’ll keep praying for a spin-off series until I no longer can.

3) An author who TOTALLY SHOULD write more books

Aside from John and Giovanna who are my absolute favourites? Hmm, let me think. Probably Becky Albertalli who wrote Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda. I fell completley in love with that book this year and I am already excited to read anything and everything from her. I also would love to read something new from Francesca Zappia. Made You Up was perfect and I’d I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

4) A character who TOTALLY SHOULD’VE ended up with someone else

I fully believe that Ben and Maddy from Giovanna Fletchers You’re The One That I Want should have at least giving it a go. Don’t get me wrong I loved the ending of the book and I did feel it was fitting. I just wish it ended with Ben and Maddy getting a happily ever after. Plus there ship name would be Baddy and I like that.

5) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE ended differently

Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I’m not going to say much but I will say this. I 100% understand why she made the decision to do what she did but I wasn’t happy about it then and I’m not happy about it now. Those feels man.

6) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a movie franchise

I’ve only read the first 2 books but I LOVED I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. I read the first book before seeing the film and I enjoyed both. I was a little upset to find out that they weren’t going to be carrying on with the films. However, I wouldn’t say no to another film version – I think if it’s done properly it could be pretty great. I really need to finish this series.

7) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a TV show

Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices. I loved these book so much – even more so that The Mortal Instruments which I didn’t think would be possible. Let’s be serious here it was all Jem and Will’s fault that I prefered this series. I don’t think the vilian in the series was the best but I did enjoy the books a lot.

8) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE only have one point of view

I’m drawing a blank. I can’t think of a book that should have focused on one point of view, can you? I’ll change the question a little so I can at least answer this. I kind of wish The Hunger Games was written from both Katniss and Peeta’s perspective. I would have loved to have heard his thoughts throughout the games, espeially when sepearted from Katniss. However, I would have loved to have read the dialouge during Mockingjay – that would have been fantastic.

9) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE had a cover change

The book cover for The Great Gatsby – you know the blue one with the eyes? Only because it’s always creeped me out anytime I’ve seen it.

10) A book/series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE kept the original covers

Although I really do like the new covers for The Mortal Instruments series I really wished they had left them alone. I mean those covers were gorgeous. My biggest pet hate is how a book always gets a film or a TV cover when it gets an adaptation.

11) A series that TOTALLY SHOULD’VE stopped at book #1

Okay, so this isn’t exactly stopping at book one but I think The Selection series should have stopped after book 3. I loved the first 3 books. I loved Maxon and America and I liked how the book ended, even if it all did seem a bit rushed. I was surprised to find out there was going to be a 4th book but I read it – and sadly I didn’t like it at all. I wish it had been left alone as a trilogy.

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