Let’s Talk About… Getting Out Of Reading Slumps

What’s the longest reading slump you’ve ever found yourself in? My longest was last summer where I didn’t want to read anything. Like all reading slumps it sucked and it took me forever to pull myself out of it. I’ve recently managed to pull myself out from another reading slump and thankfully this one wasn’t as long. This week I thought I’d share some tips I have to pull myself out from a reading slump. I’d also love to hear about what you do so leave it in the comments below.

1) Buy Some New Books

I always have a lot of books on my TBR pile. Raise your hand because I know you to do, it’s what book lovers do. When I’m in a reading slump I ignore the alarm sounds in my head telling me not to add more books to the pile and take a trip to the bookstore. Sometimes I don’t even buy anything I just look around and browse what they have. Other times I treat myself to some new books that I’ve been really wanting to read. Sometimes just going out and picking up a book I’ve heard everyone talking about is enough to get me out of my slump.

2) Step Away From The Book

Sometimes the reading slump isn’t because I have a book hangover or because I’m not in the mood to read. Most of the time my book slumps are because I’m reading a book I’m not enjoying. If this happens and it’s a book I still want to continue because everyone else has loved then I simply put it down and start something else. If it’s not working out and I’ve read more than 100 pages it’s time to put the book down and just walk away. Not everyone is going to love every book that’s been published and that’s okay. I’d rather step away and read something I enjoy than suffer for another 4 months reading 1 chapter a week.

3) Re-Read A Favourite

When I get into really bad slumps I love pulling out a copy of one of my favourite books and re-reading it again. Sometimes all you need is something you love to pull you back into reading. This one has worked for me on a lot of ocassions.

4) Check Out Favourite Authors Up Coming Releases

I love Goodreads because not only does it mean I have an unlimited list of books at my fingertips but it also lets me keep track of what’s coming out. It’s nice to know that your favourite author has an upcoming release in a few weeks – everyone loves having something to look forward to. This usually send sends me into a pre-order frenzy which leads me counting down the days until I can get my hands on the book.

5) Plan A Reading Day

Normally all it takes to get over a reading slump is finding time to actually sit down and read. I crave these days and whenever I can squeeze them in I do. Recently because I’ve been so busy I’ve been setting aside a few hours in the evening or at the weekend every couple of days to get a few chapters read. This is the main one that has been working for me.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Getting Out Of Reading Slumps

  1. All these are great tips! I like to consider myself the Queen of Reading Slumps because I go through them practically every week, and these are all very good suggestions! Normally it is the book that is giving me a reading slump. I just got out of my current reading slump because I reread Cinder. There is something about book shopping that is absolutely magical. I usually tend to read books right after I purchase them. Good post!

  2. I have this thing where I put down books and step away but i also have this thing called “70 page syndrome” and its pretty much where I will be enjoying the book so much but I will stope reading after 70-79 pages and won’t come back to it for ages. I do this so much, I think I have at least 20 books that I have done this with! Or on the other hand its “reverse 70 page syndrome” where I have 70 pages left and I put it down for a year!

    Great ideas though!

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