Let’s Talk About… The RIP it Or Ship It Book Tag

Thanks to the lovely Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff for sort of tagging me to do the RIP it or ship it book tag. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do this one and it looks like a ton of fun. So if you didn’t know you basically write down a bunch of characters picking two at random each time without looking. You then either ship it or rip it. Sounds simple enough. I have a jar of names and I’m ready to play cupid, kind of…

Ian (The Host) & Louisa (Me Before You)0

Yes. I can actually see this one happening and I am all for it. If the whole alien invasion didn’t happen and Ian bumped into Louisa down the street I could totally see these two hitting it off. Imagine the two randomly bumping into each other while she’s off exploring!!!

2Will (Me Before You) & Anna (Anna & The French Kiss)

No. I love both Will and Anna seperatley but I can’t love them together. I think this has a lot to do with me madly shipping Anna and Etienne. I mean they’re ultimate relationship goals, right?

Sarah (Dream A Little Dream) & Brett (Dream A Little Dream)1

YES! And yes this actually happened and no I did not do it on purpose. I actually have the biggest smile on my face because of this one. These two are so unbelieveable cute I get this huge goofy smile on my face whenever I think of them. I know Kira gets the same way – she loves Brett!

3Rosie (Love, Rosie) & Billy (Billy and Me)

YES! This is another couple I can get behind. This playing cupid thing is kind of fun. Although I love each of their partners they end up with I can see them being together. I don’t think it would be anything long lasting but I could totally see them dating for a few years.

4Simon (The Mortal Instruments) & Mia (If I Stay)

No. This again is because I ship Simon and Izzy and nothing will ever come between these two – not even my cupid matchmaking skills. Also I really love, like really love, Adam and Mia together and refuse to even think about them being with someone else.

5Tobias (Divergent) & Katniss (The Hunger Games)

Yes. I can totally see this one happening actually. I mean they’re both fighting for what they believe is right and I think they’d be a really great couple. Although I wouldn’t actually let anything come between Katniss and Peeta. I mean Everlark are and always will be end game!

So it turns out that playing cupid is kind of fun. If you want to have a go then go for it. I’m tagging my recent 5 followers for this one – Larkin @ Wonderfilled Reads | Musings Of A Whimsical Soul | Hannie @ Hannie Bee Books | Emily @ Books Cleverness | Sam @ The Literary Sam

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