Bloguest 2016 | Is It Your Bookworm’s Birthday? Have No Fear Michelle Is Here!

Hi everyone I’m Michelle from The Writing Hufflepuff and I’m so excited to be a part of Bloguest again! This year I’ll be talking to you about bookish gift ideas, whether you want to treat your self (or your shelf) or your bookworm friends, here’s your guide.


This one is obvious. BUY THEM BOOKS. Buuut this can be difficult. What if they already own the book and you didn’t know? What if you buy them the wrong edition? What if they’re just not interested in the book? It can be quite stressful thus if you’re not confident about this, you have some options (besides buying them other glorious bookish gifts). You can a) take said bookworm with you to the bookstore and let them pick something out or b) give them a voucher so they can pick out the book(s) themselves. Of course there’s also c) break into their house, memorise their shelves, look at their Goodreads tbr and hope that they don’t end up buying the book you buy in the meantime. And there’s option d) buy them other bookish gifts, which I’ll talk about now


We bookworms LOVE bookmarks. Especially cute, funny, etc. ones. Take this cute bear for example that I own myself:


Isn’t it adorable? Wouldn’t your bookworm friend love this? They have other animals as well of course, and other brands have similar kind of bookmarks. Mine was a gift, but I’ve seen them at Waterstones

Of course you can also take a look at MyBookmark, which has AMAZING bookmarks (siriusly I need these and so do your bookworm friends – and your bookworm self does too). Here’s one of my favourites (but seriously all of them are cute so):


And if you’re a bit tight on cash, you can always make them yourself!


I don’t know about you, but I love mugs. I want all the mugs. And luckily there are many great bookish mugs out there. Here are some great ones (click on the pictures for the link):


Of course not every bookworm loves mugs, but a lot of us do (just look at all the bookstagram photos that feature mugs!)


Who doesn’t love pillows? They’re cute and comfy. And of course there are many bookish ones out there as well! Just take a look at these (click on the first three pictures for a link. The Hogwarts pillows are available at the parks, but they’re probably sold online as well)




As much as us bookworms love books and wish we could spend all of our money on them, we do need clothes. So help us save money to spend on books by giving us clothes for our birthdays and such please. Preferably bookish clothes like these (click on the pictures for the links)




I feel like every bookworm is obsessed with stationary and notebooks as well. At least notebooks. I’m sure some of us aren’t, but for those of us who are, here are some perfect examples to write about books in or write our own books (or write whatever else you want to write about of course. Again, click on the pictures for the links):



Obviously we’ll need to cary around our books, and tote bags are perfect for this purpose. Of course there are other kind of bags with bookish designs on them as well, but for some reason tote bags just became the book bag (first picture has a link).


alwaysbagbigbooks bookbag


Think posters, prints, plushies (of what you ask? Well books like Harry Potter have their own plushies and other books have unofficial ones as well. You can even make them yourself), Pop! Funkos and of course you can be creative yourself!


A very important question of course! You can try some of your local bookshops (and their websites!); of cours not all of them do, but often they don’t just sell books, but also some of the things mentioned here, particularly bookmarks, stationary and tote bags.

Of course there’s also the Internet! You can try Hot Topic, RedBubble, Society6 and Etsy for example. And when you’re on those last three, definitely check out these sellers: avdreaderart, PaperFury, Zulfa Begum, The Artist and the Reader, PaperFuryInk and Risa Rodil. Of course there are many more stores, websites and artists out there. But here’s a start!

I hope this post was a little bit helpful and that you now have an idea as to what to give to your bookworm. Good luck! And don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts. Your bookworm will be touched that you know them so well as to give them something bookish.

Michelle is an 18-year old book and writing blogger who blogs at The Writing Hufflepuff, where she also talks about personal things and other interests and at The Feministas where she blogs about issues of our modern society like feminism and racism along with her fellow Feministas. You can also tweet her at @writingbadger, watch her endless reblogs of all her fandoms on Tumblr or her adventures on Instagram, find out what she’s reading on Goodreads and what she’s pinning and hearting on Pinterest and We Heart It


8 thoughts on “Bloguest 2016 | Is It Your Bookworm’s Birthday? Have No Fear Michelle Is Here!

  1. THE MUGS ❤ I have a bit of a mug obsession, especially when it comes to bookish mugs. I just don't have any room on my shelf to put them! Great post! 🙂

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