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Hello everyone!

My name’s Cora from SmalltownBookworm and Kayleigh the awesome person that she is has kindly invited me back for Bloguest this year! I haven’t written a proper blog post in a while so please bare with me while I try to remember how to do this. First thing I forgot, my password, second? How to get into the writing a post bit, that was embarrassing  so after those hurdles here we are, let’s get started!

Book Worlds That I Would Love To Visit

Kayleigh asked me to talk to you all about book worlds I really want to go to. After a lot of thinking and trying to pick an answer that does not include the obvious ones….. hmmmhmmm…. we all know which ones I am talking about *hint* look at the title. I thought let’s be honest the magical world of Harry Potter is still top of that list no matter how many books I read.

But, I was very lucky that at the start of this year I actually got to go to a lovely studio   down in London that was home to a certain very famous movie set based on a well loved book series.


Right now I just have to say a very big thank you to the modern world because not only do we get to read about all these amazing worlds. We can actually experience them as well! Both in movies and special places we get to visit in person!

If anyone is going to London at some point then I highly recommend going to Warner Brothers Studios. The minute you walk in the door it hit’s you that this is based on the wizarding world and all those lovely feels you got reading the books, yeah they come right back when you hear the movie’s theme music and see all the props scattered around.                                                                WP_20160108_10_51_52_Pro

My friend and I went in January and were luckily enough to see the castle covered in snow and the great hall covered in decorations.


It was, for lack of a better word magical.

We walked through Diagon Alley and Platform 9 and 3/4 quarters and drank butterbeer in the snow.


Another bookworld we visited was a certain detectives house which was brilliant!


I was lucky enough to technically visit two book worlds in one trip and I hope you all get to visit some of your favourite book worlds at some point if they exist in some form somewhere! If you already have let me know, or tell me about somewhere you really want to go. I would love to here about it!

Although getting to visit all these places is amazing. Let’s be honest those imaginary worlds would still win out and I still keep dreaming of the day when I get that Hogwarts letter…

Thanks again Kayleigh!

Cora @ SmalltownBookworm


P.s. I am so sorry for all the talking in riddles and long sentences. I am sitting exams right now and anything that isn’t related to them goes straight out of my head, it’s a really fuzzy place right now. Must be those pesky Wrackspurts.


2 thoughts on “Bloguest 2016 | Visiting Diagon Alley … (still waiting on that letter) – SmallTownBookworm

  1. CORA HI YOU’RE BACK 😀 I haven’t gone to the studio tour yet (but obviously I want to), but I have been to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and I loved it. It really felt like stepping inside Holmes’ world haha

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